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SharePoint Enterprise Content Management
With the development of the electronic world, content has become a critical part of communication and business. It has become easier to create electronic documents. Virtually all documents are now prepared and preserved in computers, and this can create an overload of content and resulting in chaos. It has become crucial for a company to assemble all its documents in a managed way. Sometimes the organization gradually incorporates many documents, e-mails, messages and Web pages which end in an unmanaged form. You can solve this problem by harnessing the ECM system from Microsoft.

Sharepoint Platform ECM

Microsoft SharePoint Server offers cutting edge Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features for creating, managing, and storing content across an enterprise. This can help you by organizing all the documents of your company under the same consistent categories, and with built-in safeguards.

SharePoint Server which is a core part of the Microsoft ECM solution can help you in managing the life cycle of content. It allows every employee of the organization to upload content to web site without the help of your support staff. Because of ECM, your technical documentation teams can use the document center site as a centralized repository: to format, manage, edit and evaluate all customer centric publications.

It can save your documents, improve legal compliance, secure your vital records and help you to manage and publish content while lowering the deployment and management cost of the web site.

In short the Microsoft ECM solutions can help you to:
  • Manage diverse content.
  • Store and protect business records in a final state.
  • Manage multiple websites.
More specifically it has three pillars: Create , Control and Protect.

The Create pillar is all about content creation and access. Microsoft is making it easier to find documents and e-mail together in SharePoint with unified views on team sites. For social, the newsfeeds are much more impactful for understanding how your colleagues are working with content that you’re interested in.

The second pillar, Control, has a focus on a mixture of governance along with search driven user experiences. Specifically you can apply managed metadata terms to all the documents in the library without much trouble.
  • Ease of dragging and dropping e-mails from your inbox to Exchange site mailboxes, which can be unified with SharePoint documents on a team site.
  • New metadata-based navigation with the content query web part in SharePoint.
  • Visually appealing navigation based on content already stored in SharePoint matching those terms.
  • HTML 5 video content as well as its ability to automatically recognize video-based content when posting a link on the feed.
The key here is all about e-Discovery. e-Discovery now spans documents in SharePoint as well as related e-mail in Exchange.

Intelliswift can provide you with Microsoft ECM solutions to help you to overcome the problems related to unmanaged content.
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